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Some football

Swedish teams Tyresö and Gothenburg/Kopparberg. Unfortunately the latter won…

Rushing home for easter celebrations

Stockholms busiest shopping street. People hurry to get home for the easter celebration. Right in the middle sits a man asking for pocket change

Going home for easter-1

The cheapest lens I’ve ever used

A few photos take with what probably is the cheapest lens I’ve ever bought. A Tamron 19-35. Used of course, and quite old but only about 100 dollars. Did perform a lot bette than I expected though. Take a look an give it your verdict

Tamron test-7


Farsta shoppingmall



A trip by our lake


Sign of spring

Finally spring is slowly arriving in Stockholm


Winter photos

Vinter 2013-1 Vinter 2013-2 Vinter 2013-3 Vinter 2013-4

Guitar hero and Mr Gibson

A slightly confused Kristian (my fault)

Pretty good shot considering the ISO 5000 setting ;)

Kristian playing-1

Take a leap into the unknown

Into the unknown-1


A lovely structure in a suburb center outside Stockholm


Bikes and cars from Stockholm motor show

There’s been a motorshow at the Stockholm fair these last few days. Here’s a few shots from the exhibition

Björnön Västerås





Vallby friluftsmuseum

Tutles from Västerås Sweden

Gallery page and other changes

For the moment things on this site is a bit messy. Im doing some changes and it will probably take a little while longer.

On the good side the gallery page do seem to work again after it’s little crash. Keep your fingers crossed it stays that way


Late night visitors

This Roe Deer mum and her kid walked around behind the house with no care in the world last night. Extreamly bad light though so the photos are what they are.






Blue water in the city

Once there was no snow…

In Stockholm 40 cm of snow covers just about everything. It seems slightly strange that just a few weeks back the world looked like this…

Once there was less cold

Stockholm under siege of snow

Fagersjö-9Stockholm city is swallowed by white powder


Castle art


Castle of Kalmar


NIgthly view


Sun setting over the southern Baltic